TIOGA — Town of Tioga residents will have two candidates to choose from for the position of town justice when they hit the polls for Tuesday’s primary.

Residents Michele Shelly Bogart and Miranda Fisher are campaigning for this nomination.

In an effort to help local voters make an informed choice when they cast their ballot, both candidates were sent questionnaires by the Morning Times.

Please share some background information about yourself.

Bogart: I am a resident of the Town of Tioga and have been since 2002. I retired after a nearly three decade career with the Tioga County (NY) Sheriff’s Office. I began my career there in August 1989 as a Correction Officer and I retired at the end of November 2016 as a Road Patrol Sergeant. I also was employed as a part time Police Officer with the Village Of Waverly Police Department from 2010 until 2017. I grew up in Owego N.Y. and graduated from OFA and then SUNY Cobleskill with an AAS degree in Business Administration.

Fisher: Mrs. Fisher is a lifetime Tioga County resident and a graduate of Tioga Central High School. She has been employed with a local law firm, Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP for over nine years. She has been a volunteer for many events in our community.

Miranda Fisher is the mother of three boys and married to Travis Fisher.

What are your reasons for seeking office?

Bogart: My reasons for seeking office of the Town of Tioga Justice is that I believe I can serve my town and the position with the same integrity, fairness and attention to detail that I served the County with. I have an insight to the system after working as both Corrections Officer and Sergeant as well as Road Patrol Deputy and Sergeant.

Fisher: First and foremost, is my commitment and love of the Town of Tioga where I have lived my whole life. Secondly, is my love of the law. I, as well as most of our community, have concerns about the opioid abuse. I promise that I will work tirelessly to help be part of the solution to try and end the drug issue in our community. Another of my top interests is becoming a part of the judicial system in order to encourage younger generations to become more involved with their local communities and political affairs.

What do you believe the role of town justice should be?

Bogart: The role of Town Justice should be that of a part-time elected official with limited jurisdiction to hear criminal cases (misdemeanors, violations and traffic infractions) as well as minor civil actions and violations of local Town or Village laws/resolutions and render fair, educated and unbiased decisions. The local justice court is also important for the issuance of temporary restraining orders in domestic violence cases.

Fisher: Availability and willingness: to drop everything to respond to the needs of the community.

Patience: it is not only a virtue, it is an indispensable trait for a successful Town of Tioga Justice.

Decisiveness: the ability of Town of Tioga Justice to be decisive is one characteristic that a judge cannot be without. A willingness to listen to all relevant arguments and to review the law is required.

Confidence: but not self centered.

Most of all the role of the Town Justice should have the ability to carefully evaluate the information and make a informed decision in a fair and just way.

Is there anything you’d like to say to voters prior to the election?

Bogart: I would just like to say to the voters, regardless of who they are voting for, to get out and vote on June 25th. I have a proven, solid record of serving the public in a fair, unbiased manner with integrity and if elected I will serve the Town of Tioga in the same manner.

Fisher: Make your vote count on Tuesday June 25th!

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