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Painting up the town

WAVERLY — “He could have outsourced this project out to a a graphic designer, but he reached out to us, instead,” said Waverly High School art teacher Becky Lantz.

She was referring to Broad Street Barber Shop owner Pat Elston, who recently teamed up with the school district’s art department and, more specifically, student artist Alyssa Simonetti who painted a mural on the side of Elston’s business.

The barber shop-themed artwork led Elston to donate $150 to Simonetti to continue her artistic pursuits, as well as another $250 to the district’s art class.

“It just turned out perfect,” Elston said. “She was very diligent and responsible throughout painting it, and it looks great for the community. You see things like this in other towns, and it really adds color to the town and makes it look more vibrant. It just sends a positive message to everyone in the community.”

Lantz said Simonetti painted the mural as an independent study, as she has already taken all of the art courses that the district has to offer.

“When Pat reached out to us, we had the perfect person and talent to do it,” Lantz said. “There’s been such positive feedback already. People love it, and we would love to be able to do similar projects with other businesses in the village.”

Elston thanked Lantz and Waverly Superintendent Eric Knolles for their support in the project, and said he looked forward to coming to the district soon to give free haircuts to students on Dec. 4.

“All the kids have to do is sign up, and they’ll get a free haircut. That’s it,” Lantz said.

“Becky was instrumental to making all of this happen,” Elston said. “She really loves her kids and, without her, none of this would’ve happened.”

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Above, firefighters from Sayre, Tioga Center and Waverly-Barton responded to a call of a barn fire on Oak Hill Road in the Town of Barton. The fire was contained within roughly 20 minutes. Greater Valley EMS assisted at the scene.

Guthrie donates to Waverly Glen Park project

SAYRE — Guthrie’s Community Benefit Grant Program awarded $5,000 to Waverly Recreation Booster Club in support of its plans for restoration and modernization of the Waverly Glen Park.

The Waverly Recreation Booster Club, Inc. will use the funds toward construction of a walking path at the park, designed to help children and families increase their physical activity.

Laura Fitzgerald, Guthrie’s Vice President for Research and Education, said, “Guthrie is pleased to award funding toward the updates to Waverly Glen Park and to promote healthy lifestyles for children and families. Guthrie’s Community Benefit Grant Program supports projects that target health challenges facing our communities.”

This grant was awarded as part of Guthrie’s Community Benefit Grant Program, which funds projects based on Guthrie’s Community Health Needs Assessment. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), requires non-profit hospitals to complete a community needs assessment (CHNA) every three years.

The following areas of need were identified for 2016-2019:

• Obesity

• Access to mental health providers

• Cancer incidence with a focus on tobacco usage.

For more information, or to apply for a Guthrie Community Benefit Grant, please visit www.guthrie.org.

Valley Color Guard sets the Little White Table

TIOGA CENTER — On Friday, students in Tioga Center experienced a presentation from the Valley Color Guard on the Little White Table, which resides in many VFW posts throughout the country.

The table is set for a meal, but is never used — it honors prisoners of war or those missing in action.

Color Guard member Mike Guilford explained the symbolism of the table setting, as Charlie Zimmer and Dan Eklor placed items on the table.

The single table setting symbolized the frailty of one prisoner. The single red rose reminds of the lives of these men and women. The red ribbon symbolizes the continued determination to account for them.

A slice of lemon rests on the plate, reminding of the bitter fate of those missing, captured and held as prisoners in foreign lands.

A pinch of salt symbolizes the tears of those missing, and the families longing for answers.

The bible represents the strength gained through faith the the country, founded as one nation under God.

The candle is reminiscent of the light of hope that lives on.

The inverted glass symbolizes the inability to share the evening toast, and the empty chair is a solum reminder of their service and sacrifice.