The Valley Garden Club maintains five gardens throughout the year, including the Athens Academy Park Pollinator Friendly Garden. The garden, located on South Main Street across from the Athens Library, is a special pollinator garden to attract and provide habitat for beneficial insects, bees, birds and butterflies, like the one pictured above.

ATHENS – Several years ago, volunteers from the Valley Garden Club created a special pollinator garden in Athens to attract and provide habitat for beneficial insects, bees, birds, and butterflies.

Each year, this Pollinator Friendly Garden continues to provide a diverse selection of nectar and pollen from native and non-native rich flowers that range in color, shape, and size. Numerous plants were specifically selected to serve as food for the caterpillars of beautiful butterflies and flowers that provide pollen and nectar as a food source for bees, beneficial insects, and butterflies.

The garden is located in the Athens Academy Park, across the street from the Athens Library. It is a PSU certified Pollinator Friendly Garden and is registered with the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. It’s a special place to visit in any season. But stop by this time of the year and you will be rewarded with bumblebees and Monarch butterflies gathering nectar from the anise hyssop, sedum, coneflower, and the black-eyed-Susan plants.

The Athens Academy Park Pollinator Friendly Garden is one of five gardens that the volunteers of the Valley Garden Club maintain throughout the year. For more information about the Valley Garden Club and to volunteer your help with our public garden beautification projects, please contact Debra.Landy@gmail.com.

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