ELMIRA – Jenna Cowder, of South Waverly, was one of several students recently recognized during the Elmira College Pi of New York Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa annual induction ceremony. The ceremony, held virtually, recognized the newly-inducted members-in-course, in addition to prize winners from the classes of 2022 and 2023.

Newly-elected members-in-course of Phi Beta Kappa: Derek Caramella (‘21); Reka de Falussy (‘21); Victoria Dunham (‘21); Kassi Hastings (‘21); Adam Horey (‘21); Emma Kelly (‘21); John Mullan (‘21); Bianca Palese (‘21); Cameron Sanderson (‘21); Elizabeth Shephard (‘21); Hannah Smith (‘21); Tristen Tolan (‘21); and Marjorie Wladis (‘39).

Class of 2022 prize winners: Jeffrey Andrews (‘22); Felicity Brockhuizen (‘22); Jenna Cowder (‘22); and Samuel Shaw (‘22).

Class of 2023 prize winners: Julia Ambrose (‘23); Ryan Hardy (‘23); Kathryn Kielbasinski (‘23); Annabelle Schmitte (‘23); and Paige Stilts (‘23).

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