ATHENS - The Spalding Memorial Library invites you to join us in reflection on the lives of cherished friends and community members who have passed on, especially in the past year. While our loved ones are gone from our lives, they live on in our hearts and in our memories. The library celebrates those who have been remembered through donations to our memorial fund.

Maria Worden passed in March of 2017. Maria was a Spalding Library trustee for several years, and also served on the Athens Borough Council and the Board of Penn York Opportunities. She worked as a nurse for over 30 years, and enjoyed travel and spending time with her beloved dogs. Maria was remembered by Cindy Novak, who purchased the book "Modern Motifs and Borders in Cross Stitch" in her memory.

Patricia Ann Yeomans left us in September 2017. She was a devoted mother and caregiver of children in her home. As a home health aide, her care extended to the elderly. Patricia's hobbies included gardening and sewing, and she loved boating and beach vacations. She was remembered by Fanna Proper. The books "Wordy Bird" and "Harriet Gets Carried Away" were given in her memory.

Allie "Bud" Babcock passed away in January last year. Bud worked for Ingersoll Rand for over 34 years. He was also an avid sports fan and enjoyed bowling and golf. He was remembered by Gerald and Jeanne Laninger, Sheila Culver Harbst, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Macafee, and Jean Babcock.

January also saw the passing of Sara Elizabeth Love Kaplan Stewart. Sara worked as a nurse before retiring from Robert Packer Hospital. She loved animals, especially cats and otters. Her pastimes included gardening, enjoying Penn State football games, and playing cards with friends. Sara was remembered by Jennifer and Mike Hannis. The book "Sea Otters" and DVD "Charlie and the Curious Otters" were given in her memory.

Theron "T.E." Rogers passed away in February last year. Theron was a 1942 graduate of Athens High School, and served honorably in World War II as a machinist in the Pacific Theater. He went on to work for IBM in Owego and then as an electrician after his retirement. Theron enjoyed fishing and spending time at the family cottage on Lake Ontario. He also loved football, home remodeling, and reading, and was a devoted family man. Theron was remembered by David and Phoebe Marshall, Michael, Donna and Kim Namet, Kenneth and Barbara Tiffany, John and Carolyn Linehan, Donna M. Peel, Daniel and Janice Barrett. Theron and his wife, Helen, who passed in 2016, were both remembered by Thomas and Judy Davidson.

Carol A. Merrill left us in April 2018. She was a nature lover who enjoyed camping, boating, and watching wildlife. She also enjoyed handicrafts, and made baskets for charitable causes. Her pastimes included reading and spending time with her cat, C.C. Carol was remembered by Ray and Pat Middaugh, Dorothy and Robert Bertany, the Valley La Tea Da Red Hat Group, Pete, Joan, and Maria Desmond, David and Gail Arnold, and Jane B. Merrill.

Bruce Ludwig passed away in June. Bruce was a community-minded man who volunteered with the Candor Emergency Squad. He retired from IBM Endicott, and was a member of First Church of the Nazarene and a 40-year member of the Owego Lions Club. He was remembered by the Athens High School Class of 1955, which purchased the book "NASCAR: Stats, Facts & Figures" in his memory.

July saw the passing of Roger Seamore Lamb. Roger was 1949 graduate of East Smithfield High School. He lived his life as a dairy farmer, carpenter, construction worker, and devoted family man. He was a fan of Minneapolis Moline Tractors, and spent time restoring them. He also enjoyed farm shows and steam pageants. Roger was remembered by the Trustees and Staff at the Spalding Memorial Library, who purchased the book "Total Tractor!" in his memory.

Lois Ann Potter Hutter left us in August. Lois worked as a nurse at Robert Packer Hospital and loved working with children under her care there. She was also an active community member who volunteered with the Red Cross, the Adult Literacy Program, the Foster Grandparent Program, Hospice, the Valley Ambulance Corps., and the Girl Scouts. She enjoyed reading, books sales, crafting, animals, and nature. Lois was remembered by Donald R. Barton.

Irwin W. Chrispell also passed in August. Irwin worked as a printer and operated the Village Press. He also served as an elder in Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Sayre. His pastimes included spending time with his family, working with antique cars, and collecting stamps, guns, Native artifacts, toys, and more. He was remembered by the Athens Senior Citizens Club.

Fay R. Bradley passed away in October. Fay was a graduate of Athens High School, Class of 1955. He worked as farmer, and lived in Florida at the time of his passing. He was remembered by his graduating class. The book "Wildly Successful Farming!" was purchased in his memory.

October also saw the passing of Faye McPherson Griffis. Faye worked as a nurse throughout her career, and was known for her kindness and spirit of generosity. She was a member of the Athens United Methodist Church and was a member of Rome Chapter No. 26 Order of Eastern Star. Her pastimes included spending time with her family, baking, gardening, traveling, and spending time outdoors. Faye was remembered by Rebecca Williams, who purchased the book "Planting a Rainbow" in her memory.

Jeanne Soloman Bozung left us in November. She was a 1955 graduate of Athens High School. She went on work as a teacher in New Jersey. She was remembered by her graduating class. The audiobook "Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter" was given in her memory.

William Evan Wilson left us just recently in late December. William was a teacher and artist who taught at SRU for 24 years. His hobbies included reading, painting, and playing guitar. His artwork could be seen on display in exhibitions by the Paint N Palette artist group. He was remembered by Edward and Kathleen Jones, Joan M. Wintermute, and Mark and Janet Hayman.


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