WYSOX — It was a mild, partly sunny day which made it a near perfect day for the Towanda Area Senior Citizens Club to join in fellowship by having a picnic at the Wysox River Access Park.

On Thursday Sept. 3, President Bob Whipple welcomed the 25 members attending and added a special welcome to those members who have been unable to attend for awhile. He then led the group in the flag salute.

Anita Whipple offered the blessing before the bountiful and tasty buffet picnic full of hot and cold dishes plus a variety of desserts.

Following the luncheon, President Whipple turned the meeting over to Tom House, who conducted a Trivia contest. He asked questions such as: “Who awakened Snow White?”; “Who wrote The Grapes of Wrath?”; “What was the name of Tonto’s horse?” and “Who wrote Treasure Island?.” Tom had a total of 20 questions and awarded prizes of Old Fashioned Ginger Cookies to those who had the most correct answers. Receiving first place was George Smith, second place went to Cherie Foster and Ken Shaner was awarded third place. Everyone enjoyed testing their memories which also produced some lighthearted laughing. The members applauded Tom for furnishing a fun part of the afternoon.

As the meeting continued, we were given choices of where to hold the October meeting. It was voted upon with a motion by Marguerite Shaner to have another picnic Oct. 1

There were no member birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate this month.

President Whipple read a story about a farmer and a pastor which ended as an amusing story of wisdom. He also read a story about a High School Reunion which produced much laughter.

For our “Cares and Concerns” portion, Marge Benjamin reported on her daughter who has been undergoing cancer treatments. Her daughter has finished her chemo treatments and has had surgery and is recovering nicely, but she still has radiation to endure, and still needs our prayers.

The next scheduled meeting will be Thursday Oct. 1 at noon for a fall picnic at the Wysox River Access Park in the pavilion by the river. Tom House will conduct another Trivia contest. Members are reminded to bring a dish to share, own table service and beverage.

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