The following marriage licenses have been issued in Bradford County:

Stephen Maines of Towanda, Pa., to Diana Dee Bower of Towanda, Pa.

Charles Cannavino of Athens, Pa., to Stacy Wolcott of Athens, Pa.

Raymond L. Searfoss of Ulster, Pa., to Karen G. Rogers of Waverly, N.Y.

Tanner Burton of Ulster, Pa., to Keira Landmesser of Ulster, Pa.

Richard Robinson Jr. of Elmira Heights, N.Y., to Christie Wilcox of Elmira Heights, N.Y.

Michael W. Putnam of Troy, Pa., to Maureen L. House of Troy, Pa.

Christian Patrick-Raymond Harvey, 26, of Ulster to Lauren M. Pross, 21, of Ulster

Scott A. Brown, 47, of Canton to Jill Parker, 38, of Canton

Jeffrey Dukes, 52, of Athens to Nicolette Fuller, 36, of Athens

Willard Smith, 31, of Sayre to Meghan Porter, 28, of Ulster

Justin D. Ward, 32, of Sayre to Kylene A. Mullen, 32, of Sayre

Matthew Sherwood, 33, of Newark Valley, New York, to Krisha L. Alcorn, 31, of Newark Valley, New York

Travis J. Speary, 33, of Laceyville to Nyssa S. Sysock, 28, of Laceyville

William J. Fenton, 44, of Athens to Heather L. Farr, 30, of Athens

David Robbins, 56, of Owego, New York, to Mary Fox, 49, of Towanda

Timothy H. Newswanger, 30, of Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, to Rachel E. Smith, 26, of East Smithfield

Donald R. Chandler, 58, of Athens to Stacie L. Wilson, 44, of Waverly, New York

Charles S. Dunbar, 49, of Towanda to Nicole M. Valoroso, 48, of Towanda

Joseph R. Ruta, 59, of Sayre to Crystal L. Parker, 38, of Sayre

James E. Kobbe Jr., 46, of Towanda to Marybeth Stroud, 25, of Towanda

Denton Porter, 20, of New Albany to Breannon Brewer, 24, of New Albany

Mark E. Shannon, 55, of Lockwood, New York, to Patricia Strope, 48, of Wysox

Alex Brown, 23, of Columbia Cross Roads to Desiree Rolls, 21, of Columbia Cross Roads

Logan Chace, 26, of Horseheads, New York, to Andrea Freeman, 25, of Horseheads, New York

George Opdyke, 30, of Troy to Jennifer Lambert, 31, of Columbia Cross Roads

Brett T. Bright, 32, of Binghamton, New York, to Erin R. Low, 28, of Binghamton, New York

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