TOWANDA – The Northern Tier Career Center is pleased to recognize students who earned a grade point average of 90 percent or higher for the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year. Outstanding students are noted with an asterisk (*) and have achieved the highest grade point average in their class. We applaud the students’ continued commitment to their career pathways in these unprecedented times and are extremely proud of their accomplishments.

Students being recognized – along with their program of study and high school – are:

Samuel Abell, Building Construction, Northeast Bradford; *Shaylee Ackley, Pre-Nursing II, Towanda; Lydia Alderson, Pre-Nursing I, Northeast Bradford; Hunter Alexander, Information Technology, Northeast Bradford; Anthony Allis, Information Technology, Sayre; Bryce Armitage, HVAC, Wyalusing; Makayla Arnold, Pre-Nursing II, Athens; Neal Austin, Building Construction, Towanda; Jayden Backus, Diesel Mechanics, Sayre; Natalie Baillie, Pre-Nursing I, Canton; Lethia Barnes-Stedge, Pre-Nursing I, Athens; Natalie Bennett, Pre-Nursing I, Wyalusing; Grace Betts, Cosmetology, Sullivan County; Kiera Booker, Cosmetology, Wyalusing; *Prestin Booker, Welding, Wyalusing; Jea Bouse, Cosmetology, Towanda; *Theodore Bowen, Welding, Northeast Bradford; *Alexander Boyd, Machine Tool Technology, Wyalusing;

Alexander Braisted, Building Construction, Towanda; Machenzie Brenza, Pre-Nursing I, Troy; Emma Briar, Pre-Nursing II, Athens; Gavin Brown, Information Technology, Northeast Bradford; Jade Brown, Cosmetology, Troy; Halie Buck, Cosmetology, Troy; Rebecca Cahill, Pre-Nursing II, Athens; Lindsay Carter, Cosmetology, Wyalusing; Madisyn Chacona, Pre-Nursing II, Sayre; Garrett Chapman, Welding, Towanda; *Dawson Chilson, Diesel Mechanics, Athens; Lonna Clearwater, Pre-Nursing II, Northeast Bradford; Matthew Coats, Information Technology, Wyalusing; Gavin Cohick, Machine Tool Technology, Troy; *Brandon Cole, Information Technology, Canton; Collin Cotter, Building Construction, Wyalusing;

Kelsie Cowles, Pre-Nursing II, Northeast Bradford; Eli Crane, Building Construction, Troy; *Cassidy Crawford, Pre-Nursing II, Troy; Ben Dagutis, Food Production & Mgmt, Sayre; Kacee Davidson, Pre-Nursing II, Towanda; Chance Davis, Auto Body, Canton; Michael Davis, HVAC, Northeast Bradford; Mitchell Degaramo, Diesel Mechanics, Wyalusing; *Allen Delosa, HVAC, Troy; Madison Derrig, Pre-Nursing II, Athens; *Hailey Dixon, Cosmetology, Towanda; Natalie Dodge, Cosmetology, Northeast Bradford; *Molly Dunbar, Cosmetology, Northeast Bradford; Conner Eberlin, Welding, Sayre; Samantha Evans, Pre-Nursing I, Troy; Jade Fairlie, Pre-Nursing I, Sayre; Branden Fassett, Diesel Mechanics, Towanda; Kani Faust, Cosmetology, Troy; *Brittney Fenton, Auto Body, Wyalusing; *Violet Fenton, Cosmetology, Sayre; Nevaeh Fitzwater, HVAC, Northeast Bradford; Harley Fowler, Pre-Nursing II, Athens;

Tristan Frederick, Information Technology, Northeast Bradford; Ciana Frisbie, Pre-Nursing I, Northeast Bradford; *Devin Frye, Pre-Nursing II, Northeast Bradford; Noah Frye, Food Production & Mgmt, Sayre; Isabela Galeno, Pre-Nursing I, Northeast Bradford; Logan George, Welding, Athens; *Logan Gerrity, Auto Mechanics, Towanda; Austin Gormley, Information Technology, Troy; Bradley Gosik, HVAC, Northeast Bradford; Nathan Grochocki, Machine Tool Technology, Northeast Bradford; Brayden Gross, Pre-Nursing I, Athens; Patience Guilds, Pre-Nursing II, Troy; Gavin Gumienny, Information Technology, Sullivan County; Melissa Hakes, Pre-Nursing I, Towanda; Morgan Harkness, Pre-Nursing I, Troy; Camille Harris, Pre-Nursing II, Sayre; LeeAnn Harvey, Pre-Nursing I, Sayre; Paige Heath, Pre-Nursing II, Troy; Mitchall Heller, Diesel Mechanics, Wyalusing; Jadon Henrich, Pre-Nursing I, Athens;

Kaylee Heskell, Cosmetology, Wyalusing; Clara Hoose, Cosmetology, Troy; *Daylan Hopkins, Building Construction, Northeast Bradford; Amanda Horton, Pre-Nursing II, Towanda; *Paige Howell, Pre-Nursing II, Northeast Bradford; Mason Jaggars, Pre-Nursing I, Athens; Alex Jayne, Machine Tool Technology, Athens; Ayzia Jayne, Pre-Nursing II, Wyalusing; Cody Johnson, Machine Tool Technology, Troy; Logan Johnson, Welding, Wyalusing; Brooke Jordan, Cosmetology, Sullivan County; Carl Kingsley, Building Construction, Troy; Kara Kithcart, Pre-Nursing I, Athens; *Lilli Kjellander, Pre-Nursing I, Troy; Curtis Lammy, Machine Tool Technology, Canton; Damien Landon, Machine Tool Technology, Troy; Hannah Lane, Pre-Nursing II, Wyalusing; Elaina MacBride, Information Technology, Athens; Chloe Magner, Pre-Nursing I, Athens; *Scott Manvell, HVAC, Wyalusing; Dillon Maryott, Welding, Sayre; Morgan May, Pre-Nursing I, Canton; Madalyn Maynard, Pre-Nursing I, Towanda;

Hailey McCaig, Welding, Sayre; Corey McCaslin, Pre-Nursing I, Troy; Amy Morse, Pre-Nursing I, Towanda; Brittany Mosher, Pre-Nursing II, Canton; Joannie Nedley, Food Production & Mgmt, Wyalusing; Aliyah Nimmo, Pre-Nursing I, Towanda; Ethan Nowacoski, Diesel Mechanics, Troy; Mackenzie O’Dell, Pre-Nursing I, Athens; Shelbi Otis, Pre-Nursing I, Wyalusing; Samantha Parsons, Pre-Nursing I, Wyalusing; Brett Pennay, Information Technology, Wyalusing; Dalanie Pepper, Pre-Nursing II, Towanda; Savanna Pomaquiza, Cosmetology, Athens; Emily Potter, Pre-Nursing I, Towanda; Caden Putnam, Machine Tool Technology, Troy; Molly Radney, Pre-Nursing I, Wyalusing; Ciannie Ramos, Food Production & Mgmt, Troy; Brandon Reed, Building Construction, Athens; Kenric Ricci, HVAC, Northeast Bradford; Joslynn Riddle, Pre-Nursing I, Troy; Kendall Riley, Pre-Nursing I, Athens;

Alexis Roberts, Cosmetology, Athens; *Jayme Robitille, Food Production & Mgmt, Northeast Bradford; Audrey Rockwell, Pre-Nursing I, Canton; Charles Root, Machine Tool Technology, Troy; Natalie Route, Pre-Nursing II, Troy; Zachary Sanabria, Information Technology, Troy; Lilly Schoonover, Pre-Nursing I, Towanda; *Joseph Schwenk, Machine Tool Technology, Troy; Daniel Seeley, Building Construction, Northeast Bradford; *Jillian Shay, Building Construction, Canton; Kirsten Shults, Information Technology, Towanda; Carlie Simpson, Pre-Nursing II, Athens; *Rieley Slocum, Diesel Mechanics, Wyalusing; Kelsey Smalt-Share, Pre-Nursing II, Troy; Darel Smith, Diesel Mechanics, Athens; Dylan Smith, Auto Body, Canton; Samarah Smith, Pre-Nursing II, Towanda;

Caelyn Spencer, Pre-Nursing II, Canton; Travis Stedge, Food Production & Mgmt, Athens; Amberjo Steele, Pre-Nursing I, Towanda; Nicole Swain, Pre-Nursing II, Troy; Abigail Swetland, Food Production & Mgmt, Athens; Vanessa Thomas, Cosmetology, Troy; Cassidy Tuttle, Pre-Nursing II, Towanda; *Synthia Vail, Auto Body, Northeast Bradford; Ethan Van Noy, Building Construction, Troy; Hunter VanDewark, Diesel Mechanics, Sayre; Jacob Wales, Welding, Troy; Aurora Walker, Pre-Nursing II, Towanda; Austin Ward, Diesel Mechanics, Wyalusing; Jenna Warner, Pre-Nursing II, Athens; Shannon Wesneski, Pre-Nursing I, Canton; *Madison Williams, Information Technology, Sullivan County; Dillon Wood, Machine Tool Technology, Athens; Eva Wood, Pre-Nursing II, Athens; Kayla Wood, Pre-Nursing I, Athens; Katelynn Wright, Pre-Nursing I, Athens; *Kia Yoder, Food Production & Mgmt, Wyalusing; and *Alexia Zeigler, Pre-Nursing I, Canton.

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