In honor of the broadcast’s 50th anniversary, on Tuesday, Nov. 17, a live recreation of 17-11-70 will be aired over YouTube to raise funds for Tioga Opportunities, Inc. and the Ithaca Health Alliance. The performance will be free to view, with pay-what-you-can proceeds divided evenly between the two organizations.

The performance will include several central New York musicians including Samuel B. Lupowitz (Noon Fifteen, Thru Spectrums, Julia Felice), Michael Wu (Gunpoets, Triple Down, Celebration Ensemble), Dan Collins (Thru Spectrums, Spacetrain) with a special guest appearance from Mandy Goldman (Noon Fifteen, Big Soul Family Band), Dan Cole (Tuesdays with the Band).

17-11-70 contains high-energy, improvisation-heavy performances of deep cuts from Elton John’s then-still-fresh catalog, including the early B-side “Bad Side of the Moon,” the bombastic, orchestral “Sixty Years On,” and an 18-minute marathon of the recently-released Tumbleweed Connection finale, “Burn Down the Mission.”

Visit to access the event’s YouTube watch link and for additional event information.

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