WYSOX — Thursday Aug. 6 was a beautiful sunny day, a perfect day for a picnic which was enjoyed by 21 Towanda Area Senior Citizens and two guests, Representative Tina Pickett and Marilyn Bryan from Wyalusing.

Before sampling each others dishes on the picnic buffet, President Whipple called for the flag salute and then offered the blessing before partaking of the bountiful buffet.

Following lunch, guest Representative Pickett spoke how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and everything, for example; car dealers, restaurants, schools, sporting events and many more, too many to mention. Tina also gave thanks to the farmers as we never ran out of food during the shut-down.

Representative Pickett will be putting out a weekly newsletter on the latest legislative updates on the internet and if you wish to receive it you must sign up at RepPickett.com.

Being senior citizens, Tina also reminded us of income based amenities such as tax/rent rebates and vehicle registrations for $10. If anyone has questions please contact Representative Pickett’s office and they will be happy to assist you or direct you to the agency to serve your needs.

Representative Pickett was thanked for coming and for her service to all the communities and constituents in her district, which is the fourth largest in Pennsylvania.

Due to the corona virus restrictions, it was voted upon to have a picnic again next month on Thursday Sept. 3 at noon at the Wysox River Access pavilion by the river. The vote was in the affirmative.

Those members celebrating August birthdays were honored by the group singing “Happy Birthday” to them. The honored were Gladys Curtis (25), Lucille Pennay (30), Mary Sullivan (4) and Zanetta Tewksbury (30). There were no anniversaries.

As the meeting was ending President Whipple read a story “How to Wash a Cat” by Dog, which created many giggles. He also read a list of “Sermon Capsules”, which provided food for thought.

Members Midge Brown and Mary Sullivan were unable to attend the picnic due to health issues. Cards with our best wishes will be sent to them,

The next scheduled meeting will be a picnic Thursday Sept. 3 at noon at the Wysox River Access pavilion by the river. Members are asked to bring a dish to share and own table service and beverage.

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