After defeating Al Ondrey in the primary earlier this year to claim the Republican nomination for Bradford County District Attorney, Chad Salsman claimed victory from Ondrey once again in Tuesday’s general election.

Additionally, incumbent Bradford County Commissioners Doug McLinko, Daryl Miller and Ed Bustin will see four more years in their respective seats as they held off challenger Robert Stevens.

Specifically, in the hotly contested district attorney race, Salsman received 7,306 votes, while Ondrey won 5,028.

In the county commissioners race, McLinko, Miller and Ed Bustin received 8,671, 8,428 and 3,795 votes, respectively, while Stevens garnered 2,526 votes.

In the state superior court, Megan McCarthy King brought in 8,823 votes, Christylee Peck won 8,102 votes, Amanda Green-Hawkins won 2,715 votes and Daniel McCaffrey garnered 2,810 votes.

Additionally, residents voted to retain Judge Maureen Beirne on her seat in the county court of common pleas.

In total, 12,834 ballots were cast throughout the county out of a total of 35,646 registered voters, or 36 percent.

In uncontested county races:

• Incumbent auditor Jeff Warner received 3,723 votes and was joined on the ballot by newcomers Eric Matthews and Sebrina Shanks, who collected 8,518 and 7,869 votes, respectively.

• Coroner Tom Carman received 10,965 votes to retain his position.

• Prothonotary and Clerk of the Courts Dawn Close collected 11,182 votes.

• Sheila Johnson garnered 11,194 votes in her lone candidacy for the register and recorder’s office.

• Incumbent sheriff Clinton Walter received 11,797 votes to stay in his post.

• Former county auditor Matthew Allen was the only candidate on the ballot for county treasurer, and received 11,078 votes.

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