The Sayre School Board voted unanimously to approve the district’s Instruction and Health and Safety plan to continue with the process of returning to school.

“We have been receiving guidance and recommendations,” Superintendent Dr. Jill Daloisio said. “It is a fluid plan.”

Both H. Austin Snyder Elementary School and Sayre High School have ventilation systems that meet CDC guidelines of the density of filtration.

Additionally, increased cleaning measures will be used in high-traffic areas, and misters and foggers will be used to handle sanitization of classrooms in the evenings.

All desks at the elementary school will be placed six feet apart, meaning students will not have to wear masks while seated at their desk.

Any items that may be used by multiple students will be cleaned in between uses.

Students will not leave the classroom, except for recess and physical education, weather permitting. Classes will have designated times to use the bathroom in order to prevent congestion in hallways.

Breakfast and lunch will be served in the classrooms.

The elementary school day will begin at 8:00 a.m., and parents can not drop off their children before 8 a.m. Likewise, they will not be able to enter the lot to pick them up before 2:30 p.m.

The space at Sayre High School does not permit for all desks to be placed six feet apart in every classroom

Students may or may not have to wear masks in the classroom, depending on the ability to stay six feet apart from others. High school students will move between classes, but teachers have relocated in order to cut down on distance traveled in the halls.

Breakfast will be served grab-and-go style, and lunch will take place in large group areas, including the cafeteria, gymnasium and large classrooms.

Students at the high school will arrive between 8:20 and 8:25 a.m., and must immediately go to their first period classroom. The school day will run for eight periods instead of the usual nine, and dismissal will be at 3:18 p.m.

Face coverings must be worn in high-traffic areas in both buildings, and also at any time they are on a bus.

Syder Principal Michelle Murrelle encouraged parents to let kids pick out their face covering so they are more enthusiastic about wearing it.

Bus drivers are required to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, and misters will be used to sanitize the bus after each run.

Students will have the option to attend school full time and in person, participate in remote learning with the same curriculum as the in-person students, or enroll in the Sayre Online Learning Academy (SOLA).

A survey conducted last month indicated that 79 percent of families preferred returning to traditional, in-person learning.

“Students who choose to attend in-person can seamlessly transition to remote learning,” Daloisio said.

They can also switch from remote to in-person, according to Daloisio.

“You have to be committed to a certain amount of time every day,” Daloisio said about remote learning, especially when it comes to younger kids.

If a student exhibits symptoms and stays home from school, they will have the ability to log in and attend school remotely on that, without it affecting their attendance

Remote instruction will be conducted with Google Classroom.

Students enrolled in SOLA learn a different curriculum than the one taught through the district, but have access to the district’s co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Plans for what would happen if a student were to test positive will be discussed at the next board meeting on August 17.

Daloisio did say that she, along with the school board, has the authority to switch between the green, yellow and red phase, regardless of where the county is at the time.

After the plan was approved the school board expressed their appreciation for the administration’s efforts.

“Everybody has put a lot of work into this,” board member Erin Wayman said.

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