ATHENS TOWNSHIP — With a combined 65 years of service, retired Athens Township Police Department Sergeant Keith Stackhouse and clerk Elaine Dadonna were honored for their hard work and dedication by the township during a meeting on Wednesday.

Police Chief Roger Clink said that Dadonna was the department’s clerk for 23 years and retired in June 2020.

“We love Elaine,” Clink said, “She was the head of the pecking order at our department and it’s unfortunate that we had to wait so long.”

Clink presented her with a glass plaque and a retirement badge.

“We miss her everyday and there’s still things that don’t get done that we realize that’s just another thing that Elaine took care of for us,” Clink said, “This is an official goodbye from the department but it is not a goodbye and she knows that.”

Stackhouse had worked for the department for 42 years until his retirement in September 2020. He had served as a sergeant for the past 17 years.

“We’re still a very young police department, believe it or not, and Sgt. Stackhouse was there nearly from the beginning. We appreciate him, we thank him, and we say goodbye and we have to recognize all of the work that he has done for us,” Clink said.

Stackhouse was presented with a document of when he first accepted his position as a full time ATPD officer on Dec. 30, 1977 and a copy of his oath upon becoming a sergeant in 2003, along with a glass plaque and retirement badge.

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