Tioga School Board mulling snowmobile trail through property

Fred Westbrook of the Owego Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club speaks to the Tioga School Board on Wednesday. 

TIOGA — The Tioga School Board on Wednesday was approached by representatives of Tioga and Owego Ridge Runners snowmobile clubs to ask permission to run a snowmobile trail through district property during the winter season.

The club officials stated that they mark and maintain 75 miles worth of the 11,000 miles of snowmobile trails throughout the state of New York. Locally, the groups have trails that run from Owego to the vicinity of Tioga Downs in Nichols, as well as Berkshire, Whitney Point and other municipalities.

“We’ll be very responsive to any concerns that you might have for this trail,” one rep said. “We won’t leave you hanging, and we’ll get to you as soon as possible. It’s just a permission slip.”

The officials stated that the clubs also carry insurance, which was already reviewed and adjusted by the district’s attorney and insurance company.

“We just need a way to get through to where we’re going,” they said.

Club officials added that they already received permission from the Town of Tioga for the trail, and they would stay as far to the edge of district property as possible.

They noted that the clubs will post the signs up and take them down at the beginning and end of the winter seasons, and the clubs will also maintain the trail.

The school board opted to consider the clubs’ proposal and make an official decision on whether to allow the trail at a future date.

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