NICHOLS — As the Village of Nichols wraps up its emergency preparedness projects, village officials will be testing the 120 decibel emergency evacuation siren between 2 and 2:30 p.m. today.

The siren was tested back in October, but questions remained regarding whether the volume was loud enough to notify residents on the outskirts of the village.

Mayor Lesley Pelotte worked with engineers and the siren manufacturer over the last couple months, and expects that it will meet proper specifications today.

Pelotte also expressed satisfaction that the municipality’s digital notification sign across from the village hall is working, and that renovations at Kirby Park will be wrapped up once Spring weather rolls back into the area.

In other village business, a security camera system has been purchased for $4,995.

The system will monitor the new pavilion, parking lot and playground in Kirby Park, and village officials hope it will help dissuade any future vandalism.

After a string of youth vandalism incidents, Pelotte said contractors in the park set up trail cameras, and successfully identified one of the few youth involved. That individual will pay $100 in restitution for defacing the new pavilion countertop.

While no culprit was caught for ripping off electrical outlet covers in the pavilion, Pelotte said each outlet is now locked to prevent future vandalism.

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