BARTON — The Barton Town board discussed the proposed electric and gas rates increase by New York State Electric & Gas, which would increase delivery rates of electric by 23.4 percent and gas by 1.9 percent.

During Monday’s monthly board meeting, Supervisor Leon “Dick” Cary and Town Clerk Joan Richards brought the proposed increases in electric and gas rates by NYSEG to the attention of the public and the board.

NYSEG is proposing a rate increase for electric and gas, which is set to go into effect by April 2020.

Residents could see an increase of $10.20 in their electric bill and $1.03 in their gas bill, according to Richards.

The 2019 NYSEG and RGE Rate Case Filings — June 25, 2019 Tech Conference documents from the Department of Public Service states customers could see an increase of $10.17 on electric, a 13.6 percent increase on the total bill, and an increase of $1.05 on gas, a 0.9 percent increase on the total bill.

The increases proposed by NYSEG are due to revenue requirements primarily in vegetation management and labor/payroll, as well as emergency preparedness and a resiliency plan.

NYSEG is looking to increase its delivery revenues in electric by $156 million and $6,000 in gas to meet these revenue requirements.

Cary mentioned a motion should be put forth to write a letter stating the town’s displeasure with the proposed rate increases.

No action was made during the meeting, however.

The Barton Town Board also accepted an engineering study bid for West Pine Street. The town received two bids, one from Delta Engineering and one from McFarland Engineering, and accepted Delta Engineering’s bid.

The board also approved to have their 2020 budget meeting on Monday, Aug. 26 at 6 p.m.

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