ATHENS TOWNSHIP — An Athens man is facing several charges after an incident at the Dollar General in Athens Township back in June.

Scotty Morley, 56, of Athens, was charged with the misdemeanors for falsely reporting to law enforcement, disorderly conduct-engaging in fighting, harassment- physical contact, and terroristic threats for an incident on June 3.

Athens Township Police Department said that an officer was dispatched to the Dollar General on Elmira Street in regards to a customer, Morley, who reported that his truck had been stolen. The officer noted that Morley said he had left his keys in the ignition and running when he went into the store for a brief moment to purchase a soda.

The officer contacted Bradford County Dispatch to search for a 2014 blue Ford F-150 pickup truck in Athens and surrounding areas.

When the officer left, Morley once again entered the Dollar General. Employees later told police that he bought a soda and left, and immediately came back in and threatened them with physical violence if they did not call the police about his missing truck. According to the employee’s reports, he kicked and punched the front doors and bagging area, asked if they sold hammers, and threatened to “knock them out.”

After walking over to the police department and viewing the surveillance footage for Morley, employees saw that his missing truck was actually a car, and had been parked outside of the store the whole time. “We have him on tape exiting the vehicle to come back into the store and then leaving the store and walking around the car only to come back into the store to yell and scream at us,” one employee said.

ATPD returned to the Dollar General in regards to Morley. Officers asked to speak with him down at the station, where he arrived at 11:44 a.m. An officer noted that Morley claimed that someone stole his truck from the Dollar General and it was later found at Round Top by the gates. When the officer told him that wasn’t true, he conceded and said he did not remember due to his medical issues.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Nov. 10.

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