Celebrating 100 years

Waverly Rotary Club Secretary Linda Vogel, center, speaks with local library members about Waverly Rotary Club historical documents and history during the First Sundays event held at the Waverly Free Library.

WAVILY — The Waverly Free Library hosted its First Sundays event Sunday, which featured the Waverly Rotary Club’s celebration of their 100th anniversary.

Library director Chris Brewster, a member of the Waverly Rotary Club, was present along with the Rotary Club’s secretary, Linda Vogel.

Vogel has been a member of the Waverly Rotary Club or Rotary Club 4904 for 15 years and spoke on Sunday about the club’s history and background.

The Waverly Rotary Club was founded in 1919 as a club of Rotary International. One of its first projects was to raise money for a hospital and orphanage in Waverly. Although neither were built, the Rotary club did pay for children to be transported to Elmira and treated at a hospital there.

Another of the club’s original projects was placing the “Welcome to Waverly” signs at the entrances into the village. These they have also maintained over the years.

The club has continued through its history to fund community projects and scholarships. One annual scholarship the club has provided for 50 years gives a Waverly High School senior a $1,000 scholarship.

The Waverly Rotary Club, along with the Athens and Sayre Rotary clubs, also holds a Top Ten Banquet for the top 10 students of each graduating class every May.

An upcoming event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Waverly Rotary Club is a picnic on July 20, 2019 at the East Waverly Ballpark where the community is invited to join the club in their celebration.

For the future, and especially their 100th year, the Waverly Rotary Club is looking for community projects to start, support, or become involved in.

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