Tioga County Legislative Clerk retires

Tioga County Legislative Clerk Maureen Dougherty receives a recognition plaque from Legislator Dale Weston for her 33 years with the county.

OWEGO — After 33 years, Tioga County Legislative Clerk Maureen Dougherty is stepping down from her position and entering the world of retirement.

On Tuesday, Tioga County Legislators recognized the immense appreciation and respect for Dougherty’s commitment to the county and the performance of her duties.

“Maureen has been an excellent asset to the legislature,”said Legislator Bill Standinger. “When I came on seven years ago, she was the go-to person because she knows everything that’s going on.”

“She can be grumpy at times, but she has a heart of gold,” Standinger added.

Dougherty has worked under 10 legislative chairs, 29 legislators and several county attorneys during her tenure as clerk.

Additionally, she held several other titles, including county auditor, state aid coordinator, performance management coordinator, and safety officer.

Her job also included the task of making early morning calls to county department heads on winter days when snow closed down operations until a robo-call system was adopted.

Legislators said she was instrumental in setting up the first county financial system, and again in executing a major upgrade to that system in 2014.

“I have written so many resolutions in my 33 years here that I think I should receive a Pulitzer Prize,” Dougherty said. “I have worked with towns and villages over the years, and at the state level on many issues.”

“There are so many things that have happened over 33 years, and I could be here all night talking about them, but know that I am grateful for my years of service to Tioga County,” she continued.

“It has not only been a job, but has been my every waking moment for the past 33 years,” she said. “It has been like a family to me, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I wake up next week and do not have to come walk the halls of 56 Main St.”

“I will truly miss working here, and all the wonderful people that have etched incredible memories for me,” said Dougherty. “Thank you again to the legislature for their faith in appointing me to serve the county and relying on me to run the ship for as long as I have.”

Dougherty noted that perhaps the biggest challenge was being displaced from the county office building for a few weeks during the 2011 flood, while having to set up temporary operations at the Health and Human Services Building in order to keep the county operational during that chaotic time.

Dougherty thanked her family for their support, as well as numerous individuals with whom she worked with during her tenure.

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