Tioga Central school board candidates answer questionnaire

Dr. Nichols

TIOGA — Residents in the Tioga Central School District will return to the polls on Tuesday to decide who will fill the unexpired remainder of a four-year term on that district’s school board.

The special election will be held from 2 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday in the district office. Voters are asked to enter through the main high school entrance.

In an effort to better inform readers prior to election day, the Morning Times sent out questionnaires to the three candidates — Tamara Booser, Aaron Albrecht and Dr. Abram Nichols. Below are the responses from all three candidates.

Q: Please share some background about yourself.

Nichols: I am a 1987 graduate of Tioga Central High School. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from State University at Cortland in 1991 and continued my education by obtaining a Doctor Of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College in 1995. I have been in private practice from 1995 to the present with an office in Binghamton, N.Y.

As an alumnus and local community resident, I continue to support the district and the students.

Booser: I’m a resident of Tioga Center and Tioga Central School District. I have a seventh-grader and a senior this year, who are extremely athletic children in the district. I was very active in both of my children’s first years of school, being present, and built bonds with a bunch of kiddos that will always remain no matter what. I’m fair firm and consistent, honest and caring, and laughter is a must.

Albrecht: I was born and raised in Camden, New York a few hours north of Tioga Center. After graduating from Hobart College in 2000, my wife and I moved south to North Carolina. After starting our family, we wanted to raise our children near our families in New York. We chose to move back in 2011, and after careful consideration, we chose the Tioga Central District to live in. Since then, both my wife and myself have been active in the school district in one way or another. With two young boys, it’s hard not to stay active.

Q: What are your reasons for seeking office?

Nichols: Giving back to the school district, the community and supporting the students has led me to seek this office. The educational growth of the students and preparing them for the future is an important goal to me.

Booser: I’m seeking the rest of the term on the four-year seat as I was elected last year to a five-year seat. The reason/answers always goes back to why? It’s not for the pay, solely is and always will be about the children, always the children. I’d also like to keep things transparent between the school board and the public.

Albrecht: My biggest reason for seeking this position would be — the children. My boys are 7 and 11, and after getting to know their friends and becoming friends with their parents, I feel it’s the least I can do for the district. I want to give my time as a board member to help maintain and strive to improve the already high standards of the Tioga Central School District.

Q: What do you consider your priorities if elected?

Nichols: If I am fortunate enough to be elected, my priorities would be to assist the sitting school board members with providing guidance for the review and implementation of policies, as well as guidance for a fiscally responsible budget that benefits the student body, staff and community.

Albrecht: I would consider it a priority to maintain small class sizes and high educational standards while keeping the tax rate as low as possible for the residents of our district.

Q: What best qualifies you for the position of school board member?

Nichols: My experiences with both local and state organizations is one of the best qualifications I have for the position. I have participated and chaired in multiple committees. I was a board member for the New York State Chiropractic Association for a number of years. I would draw from those experiences to assist the school board if elected.

Booser: I feel I qualify best because I’m a “seasoned” board member and by seasoned I mean I have sat on the board for a year.

Albrecht: It’s what I always tell the athletes on my youth football team — perseverance. Never stop. I am willing to put in the time and effort to help make Tioga the best it can be.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to voters prior to election day?

Nichols: I would ask everyone who is able to get out and vote no matter what candidate you support. Also, I encourage anyone to participate and help the school district when possible. I hope to help make a difference. Thank you for considering me for a position on the Tioga Central School Board.

Booser: I’d say that I’d like your vote on Aug. 27 because there’s no one better who will “fight” for a kid or kids than I.

Albrecht: Please consider me as your vote for the Tioga Central School Board position. I have been actively involved with the youth in our district and would like to continue my involvement as a member of the school board. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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