Pothole problem

Why hasn’t anything been done to repave and improve Routes 34 and 199? The roads are in horrible shape with huge potholes. Please do something soon!

Shame on Gov. Cuomo

Governer Cuomo has decried the declawing of cats as cruel and inhumane and barred that practice, and yet he doesn’t seem to think the dismembering innocent, unborn children is cruel and inhumane and he has allowed that practice to go on. Shame on you, Governor Cuomo. Unborn babies are certainly worth more than cats.

Problems with local cemetery

Concerning the Tioga Point Cemetery again. There was already one in Soundoff and the costs of burying ashes on an existing grave is $850. You cannot find out who the association is there. There is no information so you can find out how this whole thing is administered. The lands of the Tioga Point Cemetery were donated by Judge Herrick back in the 1800s, so I don’t know how the corporation is set up there, but they won’t give any information out about anything. The price for ashes is not the only problem. The other costs in that cemetery are exorbitant. They ought to have beautiful paved roads and they have poor maintenance on a lot of the other stuff, too. It’s just one more problem over there.

Issues with cats in neighborhood

This is about cats. Cats do not have to have licenses. They do not have to be tied up, penned up or even have rabies shots, which they carry more than dogs. Dogs are tied up. Dogs are penned up, but the cats run wild and they are killing our small birds by laying in bushes and flower gardens near bird feeders that they are killing all the time. I think somebody should do something about this. I don’t know who, but I think this should stop in our area.

Keep national politics out of Soundoff

To Soundoff on Soundoffs, keep D.C. politics out of Soundoff. We hear and see enough of the divide. To the person last week who had to give his opinion, that’s for letters to the editor.

Thanks for fixing road

This may be a coincidence or not, but the next day (after last week’s Soundoff ran), the big dip on West River Road was fixed. Thank you.

Kudos to people fixing up house

For the gentlemen who are rebuilding the home on Madison Street. You are really improving a bad spot there. You work in the really hot weather and I can’t help but stop and admire it when I go by. God bless you all. Great job.


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