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The Sayre school board discuss principal’s reports and the new superintendent’s report during Monday’s meeting.

SAYRE — The Sayre School Board is gearing up for the upcoming school year, going over last minute details during the board’s monthly meeting on Monday before the summer officially ends.

H. Austin Snyder Elementary School Principal Michelle Murrelle gave her principal’s report first — announcing an upcoming newsletter to be sent to students.

Murrelle and Superintendent Dr. Jill Daloisio wrote up a newsletter to send out to students before the first day of school.

“Just to highlight some things to get them ready to get back to school, some tips about getting up early, getting your clothes out the night before. Just some things we thought to keep that home-school connection going,” Murrelle said.

Murrelle also wanted to thank the community for their ongoing support and efforts with “Stuff the Bus.”

The elementary school has also gotten new cameras and two new 65-inch whiteboards for fifth grade. The new whiteboards include 10 points to touch on, similar to a touchscreen, and can also connect to the internet.

“It’s pretty exciting to see that technology here in this district,” Murrelle commented.

Principal Dayton Handrick gave his report for the high school, detailing a new opportunity for students this year.

“We’re excited to announce that (SUNY) Corning Community College, they’re going to waive the cost for our students to take ACE or Dual enrollment classes for at least the next three years,” Handrick said.

In June, CCC stated they would be waiving tuition costs for high school students who take ACE or dual enrollment classes, which will go into effect for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

Originally, SUNY Corning was not going to waive non-resident charges for Sayre Area School District students.

“Initially, that waiver was not going to extend to Pa., but after meeting with (Stacey) Richmond, (Barry) Claypool and myself, they graciously agreed to waive that,” Handrick said.

Daloisio also gave her first superintendent’s report during Monday’s meeting, detailing what she’s done so far as Sayre’s superintendent.

“I’ll start by saying, certainly after being here for a month, I felt very welcomed by many.” Daloisio said. “I would say I hit the ground running and I don’t think I’ve stopped yet.”

First on the list, was the New Superintendent’s Academy, which Daloisio will be attending in September for two days.

The New Superintendent’s Academy is “designed to provide practical information and tools to assist the superintendent’s entry into his or her new position,” according to their website.

Second on the list was the PA Leadership Program.

“Sayre has been selected and offered the opportunity to be a part of the PA Leadership Program through (Pennsylvania’s Department of Education),” Daloisio said. “That is a program that will definitely benefit our ELA curriculum at the elementary level.”

PDE will be handling all the costs for Daloisio and a few other Sayre administrators to attend the program

Daloisio also gave an update on her 90-day entry plan, which she had shared with the school board during her final interview.

“There are two goals that we are working heavily on and Murrelle spoke to one of them, which was to look at the academic standards that we have in place, the curriculum components and the data analysis,” Daloisio said.

The second goal deals with meeting the stakeholders of the Sayre Area School District.

“I am continuing to meet (with stakeholders) so I don’t want to give out all that information right now in the sense of what’s coming up as the strengths and the areas to grow, so that the more stakeholders I meet with, I want to hear them individually and not put ideas in their heads,” Daloisio explained. “We will see what areas we need to grow in based on the number of things that come up from the individuals. And then we’ll continue with the strengths we do quite well here in the community.”

The board also announced following Monday’s meeting that for the next board meeting on Aug. 19, there will be a “Meet and Greet” with Daloisio from 7:45 to 8:30 p.m. in the David Port Community Room of H. Austin Synder Elementary School.

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