Reclaiming Armistice Day -- Two men trek across Valley to raise awareness

Tom Palumbo and Michael Kane, both of Waverly, met at the Waverly Glen Park Saturday to trek 11 miles across the Valley in recognition of Armistice Day.

WAVERLY -- Though Tom Palumbo and Michael Kane come from different backgrounds, they can both agree with the importance of peace.

That is why on Saturday -- in lieu of Veterans Day -- the two Waverly men embarked on an 11-mile expedition across Waverly, South Waverly, Sayre and Athens to commemorate Armistice Day, which was formed after World War I to celebrate the end of the conflict and promote world peace.

The pair hiked the Valley representing Veterans For Peace, an organization that they said had been barred from marching in the Binghamton Veterans Day parade because they would be carrying pro-peace signs.

Kane said Veterans For Peace supports troops, but not the aggressive policies that lead to armed conflicts.

"It's about reclaiming Armistice Day, the original premise it's based on and rethinking what brought us here," he said. "We first celebrated Armistice after the 'war to end all wars' and then the focus was shifted to Veterans Day."

"War doesn't leave anyone untouched," Palumbo said. "Whether it's a veteran or the family member of a veteran, we're all affected."

The pair stopped by various churches and cemeteries across the Valley along their path, and encouraged others to talk with them -- even if only for a short time.


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