Healthcare Hero Spotlight: Jill Kuenzli, RN

SAYRE — The Morning Times and Guthrie are teaming up for a new feature that will celebrate the “healthcare heroes” in the Valley during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is the fourth in a series of question-and-answer stories that will appear online and in the print editions of the Morning Times.

Today, we are highlighting Jill Kuenzli, who is closing in on her five-year anniversary of working in the Guthrie Emergency Department.

What made you want to go into the field of healthcare?

“My mother was probably the most influential in my decision to enter the healthcare field. I remember her pride when she became a nurse, and her dedication to helping her patients. I watched her grieve after a tough shift, celebrate after a good outcome and always provide comfort to others. She touched many lives through her work — and I was inspired to do the same.”

How long have you worked at Guthrie?

“In July, I will have been with the Guthrie Emergency Department for five years.”

What is your favorite part of working in the field?

“It’s difficult for me to choose a favorite part of my job. I love the team work. There is an enormous sense of pride, satisfaction and camaraderie when we pull together to save a life. Although it’s often difficult, I’m glad that I am able to provide comfort to my patients and their family when they are going through a difficult time. This is far from an easy job, but I feel blessed to have a career that is fulfilling and rewarding.”

What’s your favorite memory from your healthcare career?

“My favorite memories from my career are those that illustrate how one person can make an enormous difference in a someone’s life by providing help and support in both big and small ways.”

What is it like to work in healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic?

“In a world where knowledge, efficiency and competency is paramount to improving the lives of our patients, it is difficult for us to deal with the unknown. However, this pandemic does bring to the forefront one of my favorite things about this profession. Right now, what’s shining for the world to see is our ability to pull together when things get tough — our ability to rise, to adapt, to make amazing things happen under challenging circumstances — and to do it all with grace.

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