BARTON — The Barton town board discussed the adoption of a new procurement policy and addressed the letter the board received from the Mayor of the Village of Waverly.

The Mayor of the Village of Waverly Patrick Ayres wrote a letter with approval from the village’s Board of Trustees with concerns over the condition of West Pine Street.

“The Village of Waverly remains concerned about the stability and safety of this section of West Pine Street and requests that the Town of Barton perform a detailed safety and structural assessment of this section of road and provide the results of this assessment to the Village of Waverly Board of Trustees,” the letter states.

The section of West Pine Street that the Village of Waverly is concerned about is located above the Waverly Glen Park.

“The Village of Waverly is investing approximately $650,000 to refurbish and upgrade the Waverly Glen Park,” the letter said. “In the event of a collapse of this portion of roadway, the potential for damage to the park is high and would place the public at serious risk of harm.”

Deputy Town Supervisor Donald Foster voiced questions over whether or not the unsafe condition of West Pine Street was brought to the board’s attention. The letter stated that the road’s condition had been brought the town’s attention but “that the Town did not have any concerns about the condition or safety of this portion of roadway.”

“I remember nothing of that. We’ve been on the board 10 years and there’s never been a mention about it until now,” board member Kevin Everly said.

Board member John Tryon “assumed that they talked to the Highway Superintendent (Chris Spaulding) about it.”

Spaulding was not present for the board meeting on Monday to confirm if the Village of Waverly had spoken to him about the condition of West Pine Street.

Foster stated that he had talked with Supervisor Leon “Dick” Cary (who was also not present at Monday’s meeting), who recommended that the board have an engineer complete a study on West Pine Street.

“One option is to apply for a grant on this because if we were to do anything (on West Pine Street) ourselves we’re talking, according to (Cary), about half-a-million dollars,” Foster said.

The board unanimously approved a motion to have Cary write a letter in response to the Village of Waverly Board of Trustees and Mayor.

During the board meeting, the board members also proposed a resolution regarding a new procurement policy, as “the Town of Barton wishes to update its code regarding procurement policies and procedures.”

The adoption of a new procurement policy is more than likely a response to the recent state audit, which stated that there was a lack of documentation regarding the spending and inventory of the town’s highway department.

The town’s procurement policies are outdated and were last reviewed from the 1980’s, despite the procurement policy statement that the policy should be reviewed annually by the town board.

“This is just to start the legal process, we’re going to introduce this resolution to get things in motion,” Foster said.

A public hearing for the new procurement policy will be held on June 24 at 6:30 p.m.

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