SPENCER — The Spencer Town Board’s meeting Tuesday evening included an update on code enforcement by Steve Cortright.

Town Supervisor Randy Thayer and Code Enforcer Steve Cortright attended a Council of Governments meeting in Owego regarding the future of code enforcement in Tioga County.

The meeting was for municipality supervisors and code enforcement officials to inform them that a study is being conducted about code enforcement in Tioga County. Results to the study are expected in June 2020. At that time, revisions may be made to code enforcement in the county.

A possible revision being discussed is making all code enforcement officials county employees and consolidating code enforcement as a shared service under the county.

The Council of Governments meeting also informed municipalities and code enforcers that there is an investigation department over code enforcement. If two complaints from the same municipality are made regarding local code enforcement, an investigator will be sent to the municipality to assess the situation and investigate the code enforcement official.

Town Supervisor Randy Thayer also attended the meeting of the Tompkins County Consortium and reported that Spencer has officially been accepted as a part of the consortium. This decision is projected to save the town on insurance payments and premiums in the future.

Work on painting the town hall is expected to begin this week. Additionally, Supervisor Thayer paid for the sign outside of the town hall to be fixed. He intends for area outside the town hall and around the sign to be redone as well.

The board set dates for budget meetings open to the public. Starting next week, every Tuesday in the month of October will hold an evening budget meeting. Next Tuesday’s meeting on October 15 will begin at 7 p.m. All following budget meetings will be held at 6 p.m.

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