SAYRE — A monster winter storm hit the Valley on Wednesday, Dec. 16 and Thursday, Dec. 17 and left the Twin Tiers covered in more than three feet of snow in some areas.

The Today Show listed Litchfield with 40 inches of snow, although reports from residents of that area say there was more than that.

According to Sayre Borough, the average amount of snowfall in the Valley was from 30 to 32 inches.

Sayre Borough Council President Jim Daly praised the work of the Department of Public Works, which along with the neighboring departments, fought through tough conditions to try and clear the roads.

“The recent snowstorm delivered an unprecedented amount of snow to the area. On average, 30-32 (inches) fell on the Sayre area. We have all become accustomed to the excellent efforts of the DPW crews who have cleared our streets as quickly as possible after a regular snowstorm,” said Daly.

“More snow fell last night than in 1993, the last time we saw this much snowfall,” Daly continued. “Then, as now, clearing the streets has to be handled a bit differently. First, the snow emergency streets were plowed to create a single lane of travel. Secondly, the DPW crews began clearing the streets the hard way, loading the snow onto trucks and taking it elsewhere to be dumped. In 1993, the excess snow was dumped at Riverfront Park just off Thomas Avenue.”

Daly explained that the process of clearing this much snow will take some time.

“This takes time. Depending on progress, plow trucks may be redirected to the side streets. Even then the most they might be able to do will be to plow a single lane. And slowly, they will come by and carry away the excess snow,” he said. “Most of you have been understanding, if frustrated, and we appreciate it. We share your frustration because most of us in the borough are in the same situation. Know that we are working as hard as we can to get things back to normal.”

Daly also noted that Lincoln Street, west of the traffic light, W. Lockhart Street, west of the traffic light, all of Keystone Ave, Mohawk Street from Keystone Ave. to N. Lehigh Ave., and Spring Street are PennDOT roads and they have the responsibility to clear those roadways.

Athens Township officials posted on the township’s Facebook page that two plow trucks were stuck on hillsides in the deep snow, while a flat tire on the township’s bucket loader also slowed their employees’ efforts.

“They had a real tough job today. They’re still at it ... We appreciate all their hard work and dedication,” the township posted at 5 p.m. on Dec. 17.

South Waverly Borough officials also praised the efforts of their road crew and thanked the public for their patience.

“We just wanted to update the Borough residents that we are still plugging away at the roads. Our public works crew are beyond exhausted. They have been plowing since 5:30 last evening. Our trucks got stuck numerous times and one had to be taken to the shop for repair. We have brought in some contractors to keep working on the roads to get all of them plowed. It will take some time but we will get there. We are doing our best. We thank you for understanding,” the borough said on Facebook.

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