Waverly Deputy Mayor Andy Aronstam, who runs the village recreation program, presents a check to Mayor Patrick Ayres and Code Enforcement Officer Chris Robinson to help fund the Waverly Glen Project.

WAVERLY — The Waverly Recreation Booster Club presented the Village with a $5,000 check to help fund the Waverly Glen Project during the Village Trustees meeting on Tuesday evening.

Deputy Mayor Andy Aronstam, who runs the village recreation program, said the money was made available by a lack of spending in the Spring.

The trustees said the bulk of the work on the project will be done by early November.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, a resident expressed his concerns about brush growing into the road at the corner of Park Place and Spalding Street, saying cars had to roll too far into the intersection to be able to see.

Mayor Patrick Ayres took note of the concern, and said he would ask the police department to take note of other such areas during patrols.

Ron Keene, who manages the village cemeteries, presented the map of the Glenwood Cemetery expansion to the trustees. The next step in the expansion process will be to survey the area and place markers.

The trustees also discussed the relocation of No Parking signs on Fulton Street. The signs were placed on the wrong side of the road when originally installed.

Additionally, Tuesday evening marked Steve Burlingame’s final meeting as a trustee, and the board expressed their appreciation for his service to the community.

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