Attention drivers on South Lehigh Ave.

To my fellow drivers in the area of South Lehigh Avenue, especially between Reilly Street and Chemung, law enforcement has seemingly turned a blind eye to the young man darting in and out of traffic every evening and weekend on either a four wheeler or dirt bike depending on the day. Since police refuse to address this situation I beg the drivers of this section of town to beware. I have personally witnessed several close calls this young man has had with motorists. This is a tragedy waiting to happen. This situation does not need to end with a dead child. And to this young man’s parent or guardian, I hope this note gets your attention.

Sayre building is an “eyesore”

The Sayre Code Enforcer needs to turn their attention to the abandoned building on the corner of Steadman and Stevenson Street. It’s a dilapidated disgrace and an eyesore.

Problem with roads at local cemetery

What happened to the roads in the Tioga Point Cemetery? They used to be kept travelable, but now it is impossible. Don’t they want us to visit our loved ones and water the flowers on the graves?

Fix the big dip on West River Road

I was just wondering why on West River Road, almost to the Sayre Bridge, there’s that big dip in the road there and it’s just getting deeper. Now they have a sign there. They know it’s there, why don’t they just come and fill it in instead of leaving it like that?

Frustrated with Democrats in Congress

The Democrat party should changes its name to the “Do Nothing Party” The Democratic controlled Congress has not passed any meaningful legislation in the past two years. It’s sole purpose it to block any and all legislation that the Trump administration wants passed. It spends its entire time spreading false propaganda to impeach President Trump. Last but not least, the liberal media is the mouthpiece for all this political nonsense.

Sayre needs fireworks ordinance

It’s time for something to be done about the fireworks situation in Sayre. Before the Fourth of July, during and long after, evenings are disturbed by fireworks from individuals. People can’t sleep, people in health care institutions can’t get their rest, animals are upset, young children are upset. It’s time that an ordinance is passed.

Return blue recycling buckets

Would the person who took the blue buckets from in front of the green house on North Elmer Avenue please return them. They are my recycling containers. That is why they were at the curb, not because they were free.

Waverly business district looking better

The Village of Waverly business section is beginning to look much better. I think another item that would improve the appearance would be the removal of the grass in front of each place of business. It surely would enhance the village and show a spirit of pride.


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