Sayre residents viewed photos and ranked their top choices of infrastructure and artwork at the Sayre Business Association’s Community Engagement Event on Wednesday.

SAYRE — The Sayre Business Association held a community engagement event on Wednesday to gauge public opinion as part of the Sayre Revitalization Initiative.

“Sayre is undergoing a lot of growth right now,” said Jesse Buck, Acting Secretary of the Sayre Business Association. “There’s recently been a lot of funding gathered to make this happen, and now that we’ve got that underway, we’re moving into a serious planning phase to get this all going. This event particularly is for residents of Sayre and local business owners to vote on what they would like to see happen with this revitalization.”

Attendees were presented with photos of things such as infrastructure and artwork in other towns, and asked to rank their top three choices.

Notes were placed on a wall where residents could post ideas they thought could help improve Sayre.

One of the most featured notes was the need for more parking.

Buck said there are multiple committees working on parking improvements, and discussed how those can contribute to revitalizing Sayre.

“What we would like to do in downtown is create more of a pedestrian-friendly area,” he said, adding that there is a desire for increased foot traffic through local businesses. “What we’d like to see happen is this become an area where you don’t just want to drive through it. It’s going to be a beautiful area where you want to spend time.”

According to Buck, a large part of the revitalization initiative is bringing new businesses to the area.

“While a huge focus is on making sure all of our current local businesses are happy — and they get revitalization and the help that they need to move forward — there’s a lot of space in Sayre that is not being used right now,” he said. “A huge part of revitalization is bringing new business. There is going to be a lot to help bring them in. We’re going to set up areas to make it much more attractive.”

More community engagement events are being planned for the future, and information can be found on both the Sayre Business Association’s Facebook page and Guthrie’s website.

Buck said public input is a key part to the project, and encourages people to get involved.

“We don’t want to just go with just a couple people’s ideas,” he said. “We want to make sure we encompass everybody’s idea of what Sayre is.”

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