Harlan Rowe Earns Gold at National Science Olympiad Competition

The Harlan Rowe Science Olympiad team finished 16th in the nation during a competition on May 22. Pictured, from left, are assistant coach Carli Yeager-Hall, Izabella Steckel, assistant coach Scott Hall, Willow Bacorn, Myles Kocsis, Grace Hall, Catherine Lamb, Jess Oldroyd, Elizabeth Denlinger, Adam Hall, Ronel Ankam, Darius Hall, Pierce Oldroyd, Lohith Kinthala, Maryrose Bertsch, Andrew DeForest, Victoria Gao, Aryan Gaur, Charan Venkataswamy and head coach John Slocum. Not pictured are students Catherine Tang, Brian Tang, Ethan Talada, Zachary Fisher and coaches Jamie McNeil, Inga Wells, Dr. Abby Davenport, Andrew Polzella, Cloudia Spinner, Cynthia Baer, Michael Hudyncia.

ATHENS — The Harlan Rowe Middle School Science Olympiad team capped off an incredible year with an impressive performance at the national competition on May 22.

Sixty of the top middle school teams from all 50 states met virtually that day to participate in the National Science Olympiad Competition hosted by Arizona State University. Students participated in 25 events covering Biology, Earth and Space Science, Chemistry, Technology, and Engineering.

Harlan Rowe earned four national medals including their first national gold medal on their way to finishing 16th overall in the country.

Darius Hall and Grace Hall earned Harlan Rowe’s first ever national gold medal, finishing first in Mission Possible.

Boomilever earned a fifth place medal for Ronel Ankam and Andrew DeForest.

Sixth place medals went to Victoria Gao and Myles Kocsis for Fossils, and Pierce Oldroyd, Catherine Tang and Brian Tang in Experimental Design.

“The effort put forth by these kids is a testament to what hard work can do.” said Head Coach John Slocum. “They’ve shown that a small dedicated group of students from a rural community can compete with the biggest and most well funded schools in the country simply by working hard and wanting it badly enough.”

The Science Olympiad season runs from September through May and rotates about one-third of the events each year.

“I’ve told the kids to take it easy for a while, but some of them have already started looking at next years event list and practicing.” said Slocum. “We are positioned very well for the next several years. Teams are allowed to compete up to five ninth graders. This year we had only two, but will have a full stable of five ninth graders next year. Our future continues to be bright.”

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