ATHENS TOWNSHIP — Athens Township officials celebrated the long and distinguished career of Parks Commission member David Hafer in a ceremony on Monday at Round Top Park.

Hafer is an original charter member of the commission, which he has served on for 52 years.

Hafer presided over the initial turnover of the property that would become Round Top Park from Athens Borough. In the years since the turnover, Hafer aided in making Round Top Park what it is today. Almost every pavilion, playground, or trail at the park, Hafer had a hand in.

“I never thought about it,” Hafer said of receiving the honor and commemorative clock with his name and years of service engraved. “I feel good, we’ve always done good up here.”

Hafer and his wife, Doris, said the only request they have for the future of Round Top Park is that the Township keeps it a park.

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