Guthrie groundbreaking

Guthrie administrators are joined by Leslie Marley of U-GRO and Lisa Scheftic of Discover the World Learning Center, along with children from Discover the World to break ground on the new Early Childhood Learning Center. The $4.5 million, 15,000-square foot facility is expected to open in July 2021.

Guthrie broke ground on what will eventually become its new Early Childhood Learning Center on Wednesday morning.

The 4.5-million-dollar facility will be 15,000 square-feet and include 10 classrooms, an indoor play space, an outdoor playground, advanced classroom technology and life skills programs.

The facility is set to be completed in May 2021 and opened in July.

“As a major employer in the region, we know first-hand that one of the major challenges of balancing work and family is finding quality programs for children,” Guthrie President and CEO Dr. Joseph Scopelliti said. “By partnering with local and regional experts, the new center will provide not only an exceptional early childhood experience, but a foundation for success that will carry children through their K-12 years.”

Early childhood development centers U-GRO and Discover the World Learning Center, along with local school districts partnered with Guthrie on the project.

“Guthrie’s involvement in this project focuses on three objectives: assisting our organization with the recruitment and retention of talented providers needed to deliver care to the communities in our region, collaborating with the entire education community to ensure the highest quality early childhood experience with the best possible curriculum, and providing a better work and life balance to our employees with young children by helping to provide an early childhood learning center that meets their needs,” Frank Pinkosky, Guthrie’s executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer said.

The new Early Childhood Learning Center will be located at 1000 North Elmer Avenue, across from the Guthrie Pediatrics Center.

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