Guthrie in 2018: $814.5M in economic impact

Guthrie President and CEO Dr. Joseph Scopelliti discusses Guthrie’s economic impact in Bradford County on Wednesday.

SAYRE — Guthrie contributed $814.5 million in economic impact in Pennsylvania in 2018, according to an annual report by the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania (HAP).

The report stated that hospitals in total created $136.1 billion in economic impact in the state and powered almost 654,000 jobs — or approximately 10 percent of jobs in Pennsylvania.

“HAP’s new analysis shows that the impacts of our hospitals extend far beyond patient care and are felt in every corner of the commonwealth,” said HAP President and CEO Andy Carter.

On Wednesday, Guthrie President and CEO Dr. Joseph Scopelliti called the Guthrie organization a vital “safety net provider and supporter” that provides over 3,000 jobs in Bradford County alone.

“In addition to taking care of our patients, it’s also important for us to take care of our community by providing good jobs to the area and boosting the economic impact,” he said. “We take our economic impact very seriously, and are constantly recruiting new employees — many of whom relocate here.

“Although the economic impact calculated here reflects what our hospitals contribute to the region, Guthrie’s medical group practices based in four counties in Pennsylvania also provide hundreds of thousands of visits each year,” Scopelliti continued. “As a good community partner, we are also proud of our contributions to the overall quality of life in the region.”

Scopelliti added that as Guthrie continues to build into the future, one of its main focuses will be to build its staff with more unique specialties as the medical field becomes more technological and complex.

“We want to focus on hiring those special talents,” he said. “Enhancing those sub specialties in our facilities will continue to boost our economic impact while also enhancing the specialized care that our patients need.”

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