SPENCER — At the beginning of the Spencer Town Board Meeting on Tuesday evening, several residents of Burheight Glen Road spoke during the open floor about the conditions of the roadway.

Since the flooding last fall, this road has been unusable and has continued to erode. The residents are aware that many other roads and bridges also desperately need repair. However, they are stressing the need to take action soon because the materials to build up the road again are able to be salvaged from the creek at little expense with permission from the New York Department of Conservation up until September.

One resident in particular, Susan Garrison, mentioned that if repairs to not take place before winter, it is likely that a good portion of the road will erode away altogether, making repairs much more expensive in the future. Town Supervisor Randy Thayer responded that he would meet with Dick Smith, the head of the Highway Department and make sure he looks at the road.

Another concern related during the open floor was the future of the Town and Village of Spencer Joint Planning Board. The Town Board plans to withdraw from the Joint Planning Board, officially disbanding it.

The village will then form their own Village Planning Board. Sufficient notice must be given before the town pulls out of the Planning Board, though. Until the disbanding takes place, several village residents are willing to act as town representatives for the Joint Planning Board. Details and further decisions are to be discussed at a special meeting taking place in the near future.

In discussion over increased health insurance rates, the board revealed that the town will only offer single coverage options for its employees and not family plans. Health insurance rates have been increasing and these changes will be considered when budget planning begins later in the year.

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