The giving of Guthrie

Cancer patient Susan Conrad talks about how Guthrie has supported her throughout her treatment.

SAYRE — Guthrie is looking for support as the holidays approach so they can pay it forward to the community for Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday, which is a national initiative that follows the shopping extravaganzas of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, calls for communities around the country to support their local nonprofit organizations for the holidays, specifically on Dec. 3.

Being a nonprofit organization itself, Guthrie is looking for support from the Valley community this Giving Tuesday to help continue its patient assistance program, which has helped numerous individuals such as Susan Conrad, who has been battling cancer for three years.

“My first thought when I got the diagnosis was my family,” she said. “I wasn’t even worried about me. I just knew this was going to be hard on my family.”

Fortunately, Guthrie was able to help in more ways than treatment and health services — being able to provide vouchers to Conrad’s family to help pay for everyday necessities.

“The staff on the fifth floor (of Robert Packer Hospital) is family,” she said. “I can’t even put into words how amazing they’ve been with everything. If there was a word for ‘double perfect,’ they would be that.”

Conrad encouraged the community to continue to give to Guthrie so patients like her could be supported.

“I see and talk to other patients, and they and their families go through so much,” she said. “All I can say is giving even a little helps a lot.”

Guthrie officials noted that, in 2018, over $102,000 was awarded in direct patient assistance to help families with the cost of items such as groceries, housing and utilities as they sought treatment at Guthrie.

“As a nonprofit organization, we are a community-owned asset,” Guthrie CEO Dr. Joseph Scopelliti said. “So we use our donations to support clinical services, because there is a tremendous need for people struggling every day.”

Scopelliti added that people can find out more ways to support Guthrie online at, and individuals who are being treated at the hospital can inquire with the social work department in regards to receiving assistance.

“It’s mutually beneficial that Guthrie and the community is able to support each other, and we have great respect to the community for its support, just as we offer our services to benefit the community,” he said.

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