SAYRE — As Sayre’s Summer Rec program prepares to launch on Monday, new Director Doug Ault said he feels more-or-less prepared.

“It’s been an ever-evolving kind of process here,” said Ault, “but I think we’ve got things kind of under control.”

He said the plan for activities has changed slightly from the program he originally proposed due to a decrease in enrollment from previous years.

He explained that there will still be different workshops in the subjects of sports, STEM, music, and art, but students will simply rotate through the workshops.

Ault went on to say that the swimming program was canceled due to a lack of lifeguards able and willing to participate.

“That might change,” said Ault. “I finally got some leads on lifeguards.”

Ault encourages anyone interested in the program to sign up, and he said it’s never too late.

“People can sign up at any time,” said Ault. “They can come for a week, they can come for the rest of the summer, whatever it might be.”

A pop-up link to sign up for the program is available on the school’s website, Parents can also contact Ault at to be added to the program’s Google classroom.

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