Sayre expanding spectator seating

Sayre School Board member Erin Wayman talks about the changes that were recommended by the Athletics and Recreation Committee before they were read to the board by Board President Peter Quattrini.

SAYRE — Monday night Sayre’s Board of Education accepted a recommendation from the Athletics and Recreation committee to increase the number of spectators allowed at fall sporting events.

The raw number given earlier this year by the state was no more than 250 people at an outdoor venue and 25 people at an indoor event. Those numbers included the players, referees and everybody else involved in the event.

Recently, the Wolf administration forwarded revised guidelines that allow a school the size of Sayre to increase the number of people allowed to 20 percent of capacity.

On Monday, Sayre came out with its plan for spectators at sporting events the remainder of the fall season.

The new numbers are most striking for volleyball. Excluding players, officials, coaches, workers, stream team, media, etc., Sayre will allow 45 spectators in the bleachers. For the remainder of the 2020 season, each player will receive two tickets. Ticket holders for the JV game will be permitted to enter the gym and watch the JV contest. Varsity ticket holders will be permitted into the gym to watch the varsity game. Players who are playing in both JV and varsity contests may have the same two spectators in attendance for both.

For soccer and football, the change is mostly about the participants. The old number, remember, was 250 and included all participants. The new number is 246, but that’s JUST the number of spectators allowed. Again, as was the case for volleyball, the players, officials, media, etc. are not being counted in the 246.

Each cheerleader, player and band member will receive two tickets to dole out as they wish.

Some restrictions do apply. All spectators will be required to maintain social distancing. People living in the same household may sit together, but there must be six feet between them and other spectators. Also, face coverings are required at all times. Spectators not wearing a face covering or following the social distancing rules will be asked to leave the Sayre Area School District facilities. Furthermore, spectators removed from SASD facilities for violating the face covering or social distancing rules will not be permitted to return to SASD facilities for future events during the pandemic.

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