Bradford County will be receiving nearly $5 million in Act 13 natural gas impact fee funding from 2019, but that is about $1.4 million less than the amount the county received last year.

Bradford County will be receiving $4,848,915.80, while the municipalities in the county will be getting a combined $5.9 million, according to State Rep. Tina Pickett.

“Act 13 continues to pay significant dividends for our local communities as drilling companies assist with the consequences of their activities,” said Pickett. “In addition to the impact fees, the natural gas industry remains an important job generator for the local economy and should remain so many more years to come.”

Statewide, the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission reported that this year’s impact fee distribution is about $42.6 million less than last year’s due to a 46 cents per one million British thermal unit drop in the average price of natural gas, which the fee is generated from.

Last year, the PUC reported its largest impact fee distribution for counties with natural gas drilling to date with $242,964,000.

In Bradford County, Commissioner Chairman Daryl Miller said Act 13 spending will continue to be focused on infrastructure improvements, which includes continuing work on the county’s bridges in need of major rehabilitation or replacement. With this strategy, Miller said the county has been able to avoid borrowing or raising taxes to tackle these crucial projects.

“Thankfully, we’re able to use these funds to do the kinds of things we’re doing in the county that takes the burden for those activities off of the tax base,” said Miller. “It allows us to improve the infrastructure that will pay dividends for decades, if not generations, to come.”

The county has avoided using the money for programming due to the potential for programs to be upended from fluctuations in impact fee funding, as seen with the most recent allocation.

Miller noted that Act 13 funding will not have to be used to help weather any economic challenges from COVID-19 at the county level due to federal aid the county will be receiving.

Below is a list of what each municipality in Bradford County will receive:

Albany Township — $248,948.48

Asylum Township — $189,965.81

Athens Borough — $111,466.90

Athens Township — $261,773.88

Burlington Borough — $8,373.49

Burlington Township — $120,881.78

Franklin Township — $121,663.83

Herrick Township — $383,351.58

Leraysville Borough — $14,659.91

Leroy Township — $187,772.20

Litchfield Township — $155,108.47

Monroe Borough — $18,551.46

Monroe Township — $207,569.98

New Albany Borough — $11,919.86

North Towanda Township — $68,075.48

Orwell Township — $222,852.35

Overton Township — $335,827.89

Pike Township — $238,694.80

Rome Borough — $12,966.74

Rome Township — $142,584.53

Sayre Borough — $191,659.10

Sheshequin Township — $156,887.98

South Waverly Borough — $38,350.20

Standing Stone Township — $102,810.86

Stevens Township — $387,368.31

Terry Township — $270,067.75

Towanda Borough — $99,642.80

Towanda Township — $111,158.63

Tuscarora Township — $275.658.98

Ulster Township — $120,109.20

Warren Township — $179,631.53

Wilmot Township — $450,931.36

Windham Township — $106,630.75

Wyalusing Borough — $21,369.76

Wyalusing Township — $192,908.12

Wysox Township — $150,028.03

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