WAVERLY — Several issues pertaining to sidewalks were discussed at the Village of Waverly Trustees meeting on Tuesday evening.

A resident was curious if village sidewalks were in the process of being repaired, to which Mayor Patrick Ayres said they were.

The resident mentioned uneven sidewalks near Pudgie’s on Garfield Street, as well as outside the police station.

Additionally, the trustees also discussed a new policy that would reimburse property owners $100 for repairs if the damage was caused by roots from a tree that the village is responsible for.

The property owner must approach the village regarding the damage, and code enforcement must approve it in order to receive the reimbursement.

Several other code enforcement issues were discussed as well.

The first regarded the construction of a fire escape on a Broad St. property that would extend 14 inches onto the park adjacent to the property. The property owner owns about five feet of land from the side of the building.

The contractor said he would repair and maintain the portion of the park that the fire escape touches.

Attorney Betty Keene suggested drafting a use agreement for the maintenance.

Code Enforcement Officer Chris Robinson expressed concerns about access to an electrical box attached to the building.

The plans will be adjusted and presented at the next trustees meeting.

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