SAYRE — The Sayre Area school board received a positive report on Sayre’s 2019 summer recreational program during the board meeting on Monday.

The Sayre Summer Recreational program started on June 24 and ran for six weeks this year, ending last Friday. Sayre’s summer recreational program has been running for about 35 years, according to Dana Twigg.

“We run it on various themes, (to) try to make it educational and fun. It’s not just sports, it’s not just academic, it’s not just arts and crafts, it’s a little bit of everything,” Twigg said.

This year’s theme was “Infinity Rec,” after Marvel’s “Infinity War” and “Endgame.” Each week the kids competed for an infinity stone (as there are six infinity stones) and the last week concluded with the “Endgame.” During the activities of the last week, whoever had the least amount of points that day had to give up their stone to the kid who had the most points of the day and were “dusted.”

“Every day of the last week, somebody got dusted, literally,” Twigg said. “I found this very fine, gray glitter that doesn’t come off. I swear these kids still have it on them.”

The winner of the older kid group received a 32 inch flat screen TV given to the program by Walmart. The younger kid group winner was given an “Infinity War” DVD and a replica of Thanos’ gauntlet.

“The one that actually ended up winning in the older group just moved here from Nigeria, just signed up to be a student here at Sayre High School,” Twigg said. “This young man in the finals, the day before, he was all excited about the possibility of being the winner. He ended up winning (and) he wanted to borrow my phone so he could call his dad. So, he calls him up and he spoke in his native language to his dad, but it didn’t matter. You could hear the excitement in his voice that he had won and ... the father talked back in his native language and he was just as excited. If everything would have went wrong all summer, I would have lived for that moment, just to hear that happen.”

This year, the summer recreational program had 30 employees and 175 kids attending.

“Those 30 employees got as much out of that program as the kids did, if not more,” Twigg said. “I find that a lot of times the kids that work in the rec program end up being in leadership positions when they go off to school. A lot of them end up being teachers, just for the reasons they worked with these kids in that kind of environment. They like doing it, they like giving back.”

The recreational program brought in over $19,000, with an additional $1,500 from the Sayre Elks organization to “help overset the costs” of the program.

“I get so much positive feedback for rec,” Twigg commented. “Everybody was great this year. It was just a great summer.”

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