ATHENS — Athens Township Supervisors accepted activity reports from the police and fire departments for the month of July during Wednesday’s meeting.

Regarding police activity, officers responded to 379 calls for service, issued 60 citations and 83 warnings.

In terms of criminal offenses investigated, a total of 25 were broken down as follows: burglary, one; criminal mischief, two; harassment, six; drug violations, one; retail theft, three; disorderly conduct, one; DUI, three; theft, four; sexual offense, one; fraud, one; rape, one; and other, one.

Of those investigations, 12 arrests were made in the following categories: harassment, three; drug violations, one; retail theft, four; DUI, two; and disorderly conduct, two.

Officers patrolled a total of 7,571 miles that month.

Regarding the fire company activity report, volunteers responded to 25 calls for service, spending a total of 23.5 hours in service and driving 460 miles.

Overall, fire company volunteers logged nearly 719 hours in July, including 138 hours of training and 220 hours on calls for service.

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