ATHENS TOWNSHIP — Officials in Athens Township are asking the public for help in order to make sure the Athens Township Volunteer Fire Company can do its job during an emergency.

Supervisors are asking township residents to clear snow or other debris from around fire hydrants that are located on or near their property.

“The Athens Township Supervisors would like to enlist the help of township residents that have fire hydrants located on or near their property. In order to help with fire company response in your immediate vicinity, we are asking that you clear the snow or other debris around these hydrants to help facilitate fire company access in an emergency situation — if you are able,” a press release said.

Township officials also asked neighbors to help each other get this done.

“If you have a neighbor who may not be able to clear their hydrant, you might be able to help them out — or know someone who can,” the press release said. “We are fortunate in Athens Township to have residents who do look out for others in times of need, and do what they can to help make our Township the best it can be. Thank you for helping to make our Township a safer place for all of us!”

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