SPENCER — At the regular meeting of the Spencer Village Board on Monday, a review of the calendar was necessary as the next regular meeting would fall on Labor Day — and the Village Clerk Brandi Goodrich will be at state training from September 3 to September 6.

After some discussion the next regular meeting of the Spencer Village Board will be August 29.

Trustee Tim Goodrich reported on the most recent joint planning board meeting, which he said was a good meeting. They had quite an extensive discussion on land use and zoning. The Town of Spencer will no longer be part of the planning board after January.

The board accepted a bid to have all shrubs and branches cut back from all village sidewalks in the amount of $1,350.

PAK, a summer program for students at the Spencer Middle School, will be done on Friday, August 9. The program had about 40 kids participating this summer.

Under the Nichols Park report, the Lions Club has asked for approval to add another commemorative bench to the park. The board approved but will still need to decide where to place it.

Application to the Mildred Faulkner fund for a grant for a new grandstand has been approved.

Clerk Brandi Goodrich reported the total deposits for the month were $24,462.54; and total expenditures were $16,045.47.

The fire department report for the month said they handled 13 calls, six first responders, six mutual aid — with a total of 59 calls in 2019. The department also participated in Newfield’s Old Home Days last weekend.

The board and the fire department discussed a citizen preparedness course offered by the Red Cross. Representatives of the local Red Cross would come in and hold trainings for those interested.

After much discussion about possibly having some cleaning out of Seeley Creek while it is dry, the board voted to hold a workshop on August 19 for property maintenance, and to determine if the cleaning out of the creek is possible.

The mayor reported on notification of CHIPS money they will be receiving in the amount of $36,000.

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