WAVERLY — Tioga County Legislator Dennis Mullen visited the Waverly Village Hall on Tuesday to update the board of trustees on the discussions and actions of the county legislature.

In particular, one of the projects that is looking like it will move forward in the relatively near future is the upgrading of the county’s emergency communications network.

That work would include updating the services and towers throughout the county, which have not been upgraded since the early 1980s, said Mullen.

“It’s going to be expensive,” he said. “What we’re hoping to accomplish with this is we’re hoping to have all the public safety emergency services in the county on the same radio system, including our county department of transportation and even open it up to the school districts to join in as well.”

Mullen explained that the goal of inviting school districts in with the new systems would be to improve communications between the districts, county and emergency responders.

“It’s desperately needed,” he stated. “We’re hoping that the vendor we choose will be able to take us from our software program right up to the towers. It’s all going to be one vendor.”

Currently, all the county’s different systems are separate for each other, whereas county officials are looking to integrate the systems together to make them more seamless and streamlined, said Mullen.

The legislator added that the systems upgrade would also include the fire departments located in the county.

“We’re working towards a plan to purchase all the radios for all the fire equipment in the county,” he said. “This would help with all of the problems of not being able to talk to to each other.”

Mullen called the endeavor one of the biggest projects that the county would look to take on in the next year.

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