ATHENS TOWNSHIP — The Athens Township Supervisors meeting on Wednesday primarily focused on a project that would clean ditches along the roads surrounding the Queen Esther development.

According to Supervisor Susan Seck, 72 miles of ditches need to be cleaned throughout the township.

She said that strong rains create overflow and move debris onto people’s lawns.

One of the challenges surrounding the project is created by gas lines located directly underneath the ditches that could be affected by digging.

Despite the recent purchase of a mini-excavator, the township supervisors voted to get appraisals for the project, given the difficulties at hand.

Solicitor John Thompson warned of potential liability issues if the gas lines were to be damaged. The township could still be held liable, unless that is explicitly written in the contract with the third party performing the job.

Also during the meeting, the board approved the ratification of the renewal of emergency declaration through June 30, and adopted Resolution 2020-10, which increased funds for Thomas Ave bridge. The previously budgeted amount of $2,688,500 was increased to $3,111,250.

Additionally, the supervisors moved to recognize July 17, 2020 as “Pennsylvania Park and Recreation Professionals Day.”

The board also voted to get rid of the old township water truck, which was built in the 1970s and can no longer function safely, according to supervisors.

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