WAVERLY — Waverly Trustee Steve Burlingame returned to the village board Tuesday with recommendations for building safety a little over a month after Mayor Patrick Ayres asked the Sayre police officer to explore building safety assessments with village police chief Dan Gelatt.

Specifically, Ayres had asked Burlingame to meet with Gelatt to assess the physical nature of the village’s facilities — such as the village hall and department of public works (DPW) building — to ensure safety and security.

“Do certain buildings need more cameras? Do others need more lights? I honestly don’t know,” the mayor had said during the board’s last meeting in May. “But that’s what I want to find out through these series of assessments.”

“There’s two separate things that we can do that isn’t going to cost the village a cent as far as safety and security for buildings,” Burlingame said Tuesday. “For one, we recommend locking the east-end doors on the village hall from public access.”

Burlingame explained that there was a concern at that entrance since no one working in the office could see anyone come and go through those doors.

“Our concern is that maybe someone gets in the building and wants to do harm. They can sneak in and hide until everyone leaves, and then they pretty much have free reign,” he said. “That entrance is not observable to anyone working in the office, so we would recommend making that entrance employee-only.”

The other recommendation from the Sayre police officer was for the overhead bay doors at the municipality’s DPW building to be closed when no one is at the facility.

“It would just be easy for someone to walk in when no one is there and take a $300 saw or something,” Burlingame said. “I know it’s an inconvenience sometimes for the employees, but if we’re talking about safety and security, you don’t want people to be able to go in there and just take things.”

Burlingame also suggested that the village could get cost estimates for equipment such as burglar alarms and more security cameras to enhance safety even more — if the price was right.

“Camera systems are traditionally expensive,” he said. “So that was our last recommendation.”

The board agreed to explore more options as far as equipment moving forward.

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