ATHENS TOWNSHIP — Athens Township Supervisors accepted a bid for per diem paving at Wednesday night’s meeting and handled a number of other issues.

Douglas Brothers’ bid for per diem paving was accepted. At a rate of $1,680 per day it was easily the lowest of the received bids.

Bids for driving surface aggregate, 3-inch minus and R6 were also opened, but with the bids coming in different forms more study will be required.

Parks and Recreation Commission Chairman Richard Bean reported to the board that he had completed work on an application for a Marcellus Legacy Grant in the amount of $225,000.

The money would be used for base repair and resurfacing of the main roads throughout Round Top Park. If successful, the grant would pay for 85-percent of the total amount with the township responsible for the other 15 percent. In a normal year, Bean said that the approvals come out in November. Since the deadline was moved from May 31 to July 31 due to the pandemic, the township’s portion would need to be in next year’s budget.

The board moved to request a Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program grant of Commonwealth Financing Authority to be used for base repair and resurfacing of the main roads throughout Round Top Park.

The board unanimously approved applying for $225,000 to repair the roads in Round Top Park. Athens Township will be responsible for $34,000 of that total. Spending that amount was also approved.

The Parks and Recreation Commission is also looking into building an observation deck at Round Top. Supervisor George Ballenstedt noted that there was a nice overlook at Pavilion 9 that overlooks downtown Athens.

“We want to build a nice, big deck that overhangs the edge to look out over the Valley,” he said. “We’ll pursue money from various places to try to make that happen, whether it’s donations or grants or whatever.”

The board also discussed a number of roads that need repair. The roads mentioned were Sunnyfield, which will need paving up to Murphy road to make it easier for the plow, Shepard, Highland, Murray Creek, and Murphy Road. Supervisor Susan Seck, who oversees the township’s roads, said she had $60,000 in her budget but will need $175,000 more to complete the work. She said that Act 13 was the only place to get any money.

Seck also said that they have more projects than they have time for.

Aqua Pennsylvania asked permission to cross King Road in phase two of their project. Giving them that permit to go from Lamoka to their water tank was approved unanimously.

Work at Queen Esther Drive is also needed. Two estimates have been received but the supervisors are looking for another bid or at least someone sending documentation saying that they cannot give a quote at this time.

They also discussed whether to change the antiskid on dirt roads in the winter to stone and bid out the work. That issue may be acted up at the board’s next meeting.

There were a few other items approved:

• The Supervisors agreed to ratify renewals of the emergency declaration on July 1 to Aug. 4.

• They approved allowing Roger Carling to volunteer to maintain the American flags on the Route 199 bridges.

• The board approved changing the dates of junkyard reports and license date to Sept. 1 through Aug. 31.

The Athens Township Supervisor’s next regular meeting will be at 6 p.m. on Aug. 26.

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