LITCHFIELD — During their meeting on Monday, the Litchfield Township supervisors discussed their proposed project to convert two truck bays in a conference room.

At the May meeting, supervisors decided to seek three different estimates in the hope of finding out what ballpark they are in before requesting bids for the project.

While Secretary Kathy Hunsinger had communicated back-and-forth with a few contractors, they had yet to receive any estimates back by the time of the June meeting.

During the May meeting, Supervisor Fred Tiffany proposed breaking the project up into smaller, more affordable phases that could be completed over time.

Hunsinger said she looked into the code and found that “you cannot avoid a bid on a project like this by piecemealing it.”

Tiffany countered by pointing out that separating the project into phases and bidding them individually does not violate the code.

“We can’t piecemeal it in order to evade the bid process,” said Tiffany. “We’re not trying to evade the bid process, so we can still piecemeal it.”

Supervisor Jim Drake agreed that a project may be split into phases, but he insisted that the same contractor must be awarded all phases of the project. Tiffany disagreed.

“We can’t piecemeal it to get it under that $11,000 so we don’t have to bid it,” said Tiffany. “No matter what each phase has to be bid, so whoever won the bid on each phase would get (that phase of the) project.”

In the end, the topic was tabled until next month’s meeting, at which point the township should have received some estimates for the total project cost.

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