WELLSBURG — The Village of Wellsburg Board Meeting met Wednesday evening and received updates from County Executive Christopher Moss and County Legislator Rodney Strange.

County Legislator Rodney Strange reported that Chemung County approved tax exemption for Cold War veterans. Additionally, he reported that results from the 2018 audit of the county legislature came back very positive with no recommendations for change.

County Executive Christopher Moss commented on budget changes for the upcoming fiscal year. One pressure facing budgeting in the upcoming year is increasing health insurance costs. This puts strain on the budget, but Moss related that efforts are being made to relieve the added costs.

During public comments, complaints were related regarding the condition of the ball field. Mayor Deborah Lewis acknowledged these concerns, adding that she intends to talk to Chris Doane to see if someone is willing to mow the field more regularly.

A call to the state informed Mayor Lewis that CHIPs (Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program) money will be available to the Village of Wellsburg once she is able to sign the invoices.

With a new fiscal year approaching, the board is discussing budget matters. The next monthly meeting will begin with a public hearing regarding overriding the tax cap, a precaution taken against misinterpretation by the state. This public hearing will start at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, November 13.

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